Skills needed to get admin staff jobs

When applying for entry-level admin staff jobs, there are certain criteria that the employer will be looking for, both in your CV and during the interview.

Firstly, any administration role requires that you have plenty of organisational skills, and it is important that this is reflected in your CV. You will also need to demonstrate that you are highly organised if you are invited to an interview. If you make it to the interview stage, make sure that you articulate to the interviewer that you are able to work to deadlines whilst effectively organising yourself. Also tell them how - let them know what you believe to be the best methods - even if you are not directly asked by the interviewee.

Secondly, when applying for any admin staff jobs you will need to show that you are au fait with Microsoft Office products, such as Word and Excel. The majority of offices rely on these two packages for basic word processing, and the employer will be reluctant to invest in any new employees who need considerable training in these programs for a basic admin role. Ensure that you include this skill on your CV - if you can't use these two programs, then make sure you learn how to now!

If you live in London, then an entry level admin job is likely to pay you in the region of £14k per year. If you live outside the city, then expect to earn from £12k to £14k per year. In counties such as Norfolk, it is not uncommon for salaries to start at the lowest end for most basic admin staff jobs, though the experience will of course give you the benefit of having some admin work history to draw from in future applications.

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