SSI Bring New Steel Jobs to Redcar

Sahaviriya Steel Industries, or SSI, have recently purchased the Corus steel plant in Redcar. This factory was once the property of Tee-side Cast Products but was shut down in February last year, causing major job losses in the area. Now however the sale of the plant to SSI will bring steel jobs back to Redcar, and there will be a number of job openings in the new factory.

When the doors to the Corus steel plant were closed for the last time in February 2010, a total of 1,600 jobs were lost. This was a huge blow to the steelworkers in the area, who had staged a series of protests in the lead-up to the closure. SSI's acquisition of the old plant in Redcar will help to alleviate unemployment in the area, and rejuvenate this part of the North East.

The purchase of the Corus steel plant in Redcar was not only beneficial to local steelworkers however. The Tee-side plant has an excellent layout and infrastructure, with its own terminal for the importing of ore and other raw materials. It is extremely self-contained and can facilitate every stage of the iron and steel-making process. In addition to these benefits, steel working has long been a major industry in this part of England, and a skilled and experienced workforce already exists in the area. Therefore SSI brings steel jobs to Redcar, but acquires a fully laid-out plant and skilled workforce in return.

There will be up to 800 SSI steel jobs available in Redcar once the plant is reopened. As operations in the plant will cover every stage of the steel making process, numerous different job opportunities will be created. Those who are interested in applying for some of the new SSI steel jobs in Redcar are advised to regularly check the company's website at http://www.ssi-steel.co.uk/index.php.

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