SSI Steel Jobs coming to Redcar in the UK

Redcar has had a hard time of it. last year the famous steel plant was shut down costing 1,600 jobs to the area. 2011 is looking better though with SSI creating 800 jobs in redcar (UK)  this summer in the very same plant.

The old Chorus steel plant was mothballed in February and 1,600 people suddenly found themselves out of work. A major blow for anytown not least of all Redcar which has 150 years of tradition manufacturing steel.

The news came only last month that the plant has been sold on to Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) who are planning to begin the recruiting process this summer.

This process will take a few months but should have the plant operational and 800 people back working by the end of the year.

If you would like to secure a job in the reopened plant keep an eye out in your local newspapers for job postings and also on sites such as www.jobisjob.co.uk where you can search for jobs specifically in Redcar.

The plant wil be looking for people from maintenence all the way to upper management so the opportunities are endless and you can be sure there will be something to suit your very needs.

If you worked in the plant prior to it being shut down be sure to mention this in your application as it will surely help you to secure the position. The reopening of the plant will be a historical moment for Redcar and the employees of the plant, check back here for updates on the plant.

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