Where to find sports, leisure, and recreation jobs

Sports, leisure and recreation jobs are plentiful, particularly during the summer months and tourist season. However, some jobs in sports, leisure and recreation can be found throughout the year from organisations which are open all year. Perhaps the main sources of vacancies are those which are based around the tourist industry; theme parks; holiday villages such as Butlins, Haven and Centre Parks and other hotels offering retreats or spa breaks.

Types of jobs which can be obtained from these categories include anything from a sports tutor to a complementary therapist. Local sports clubs will often advertise for coaching staff, physiotherapists and other support staff to work behind the scenes within the club grounds. Football clubs usually start recruiting in the summer months for the new season which starts in August. In addition, community based sports projects may also be looking to recruit sports staff including instructors, coaches or referees.

In terms of jobs in the leisure industry, there are many large theme parks and water parks around the UK where jobs can be sought. Lego Land, Alton Towers, and Cadbury world to name a few. From retail to catering, there are a plethora of opportunities within the industry. Golf courses are also a possible source of sports, leisure and recreation jobs.

The opportunities for employment within holiday parks such as Butlins are plentiful. These parks require a large amount of staff to deal with the day to day running of the resort. Butlins has three resorts in the UK; Skegness, Bognor Regis and Minehead, and all of these resorts will require staff from gardeners to catering and customer service staff.

Company websites are often the best way of obtaining employment for a sports, leisure or recreation job so too are general websites such as Direct.gov and Total Jobs.

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