Tips for getting sponsorship to work in Australia

Travelling to Australia to find temporary work involves obtaining a 457 visa, and securing employer sponsorship to work in Australia. Here we provide five excellent tips about finding a willing employer...

Recruitment agencies

An essential starting point for employer sponsorship is to track down the various recruitment agencies that deal with your occupation. Check out the list of eligible occupations published by the Australian government and take it from there.

What is the likelihood of an employer dealing with my application?

The recruitment agency will provide further advice. It may be that larger firms already have much experience with 475 visa applications – however, small firms might not have gone down that route before. Be wary – it is sometimes the case that these latter firms say they will look into this. It is much less likely they actually will (due to the large amount of paperwork involved for any employer to do their first registration).

Secure a job offer

Obtaining a sponsorship requires you to secure an offer of employment in the first instance. An excellent resource to consider is Australia’s immigration website. This publishes various visa opportunities together with the necessary requirements for application.

Self sponsorship?

Provided you are a professional under 45, you could actually sponsor yourself under the General Skilled Migration program. Your visa will be processed according to a points system.


Keep a close eye on the web for any developments relating to sponsorship. The Australian government can change the requirements at any time.


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