Speech and Language Therapy Jobs Available in Canada

If you are a qualified speech and language pathologist who is interested in working abroad, you now have the opportunity to gain employment in Canada. There are a number of speech and language therapy jobs available in Canada, which offer good working conditions and excellent wages.

As with speech and language pathology positions around the world, there are various positions and roles open to applicants. While most speech and language therapy jobs in Canada involve working on a one-to-one basis with patients the work location itself can vary. There are positions available in hospitals and in clinics, but also in schools and other educational institutions.

Depending on the position in question successful applicants may be required to liase with various other healthcare professionals, as well as teachers and other educators. As many speech and language difficulties can arise from swallowing disorders and other medical issues, speech and language therapists in Canada will generally be in contact with doctors, dietitians, audiologists and occupational therapists.

Some of the speech and language therapy jobs in Canada are in research institutions. Applicants for these positions may be expected to have some form of postgraduate research qualification. Individuals with qualifications in related medical disciplines may also be considered for these research positions.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidates for speech and language therapy jobs in Canada have recognised qualifications in speech and language pathology or related disciplines. Other requirements vary depending on the position in question. For example clinical speech and language therapists will be expected to be friendly and professional, with some experience working with patients and members of the public. Job listings and other information can be found at http://www.slpjob.com/ .

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