A closer look at special educational needs teacher training

Now that education has become an integral part of people’s lives, schools have started to recognise that students don't always fit nicely into set categories. Most of the time unique individuals can be integrated easily into a regular classroom setting and left at that. In some cases however, their needs can be so pronounced that it takes a certain level of specialisation to effectively reach them. This is where special educational needs teacher training can be beneficial to both your professional career and your ability to adjust to students.


Schools and educational institutions all over will employ teachers with training in special educational needs. As a result, individuals who pursue this qualification won’t have to worry about whether or not they can get the attention of employers. If there’s a school nearby, they can find work.

Earning Potential

A teacher who has been trained in special educational needs will have a salary that starts at around £21,500 for most of the United Kingdom. As an individual spends more time in this field that number can increase to the point where experienced special educational needs teachers are able to command salaries going from £34,000 to about £36,760. These figures don’t take into account the fact that teachers in certain areas get an additional allowance that allows them to travel and cover certain expenses.


The public and private education sectors are the areas where teachers with special educational needs training are more likely to get hired. Even so, places that deal one-on-one with either the gifted or those who need a little more support would also be very interested in what someone with this type of training has to offer.

There are a lot of job positions that sound good in theory but end up being something completely different in practice. As an educator who was gone through special educational needs teacher training however, you will be in the perfect position to help students bring out the best in themselves and others. See what training courses are available near you.


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