The best Southampton work from home jobs

Are you looking for Southampton work from home jobs? One great thing about looking for work from home jobs is that you don't have to restrict the job hunt to Southampton. Jobs that allow you to work from home are probably willing to accept candidates from anywhere - provided that they meet the selection criteria and observe local taxation laws. This allows you to find and apply for positions right across the globe.

This is extremely beneficial in today's market, where the economy in Southampton is still sluggish and vacancies are at a premium. By contrast, countries like Australia escaped the global financial crisis relatively unscathed and have a healthy jobs market.

It's therefore a good idea to look for work from home jobs on international websites. For example, head over to the Australian recruitment site Seek (seek.com.au) to see what's on offer there in terms of work from home jobs.

Back in the UK, prospects for telecommuters are actually quite promising compared to prospects for office-based job opportunities. As more and more employers look for ways to tighten their belts, they are increasingly turning to home workers to cut costs. Not only will they save on the bills and overheads associated with keeping staff up and running in an office environment, but it's likely that they'll retain their staff longer (saving on recruitment and training expenses) and enjoy higher workforce productivity. Research has shown home workers to have a 25% lower turnover rate that commuters, and a 27% higher productivity rate.

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