We aim you on the right path for a Southampton job

Are you thinking of relocating to the bustling port city of Southampton but are unsure of what the job situation is like? Southampton has a varied and hugely robust jobs market with plenty of openings in both the port, and other general lines of employment. In this blog, we are going to show you the best places to look to find yourself a Southampton job with minimum fuss.

Southampton is one of the biggest city's on the South Coast of England and it is a hugely attractive place to live thanks to the large number of sunshine filled days it gets each and every year. To begin the Southampton Job search, we suggest checking out the SDW recruitment site at sdwrecruitment.co.uk. SDW are the main players when it comes to securing jobs for people at Southampton Port, and they are perhaps the biggest recruitment agency in this particular field. You can contact them over the phone at 023 8033 6633.

If you are looking for a solid local recruitment site that offers some hugely attractive roles, then why not check out the site of local newspaper the Daily Echo, and their excellent jobs page at dailyecho.co.uk/jobs. The Daily Echo provide a hugely comprehensive jobs page for local jobs in the Southampton region. It is also well worth signing up for their Southampton job alerts to help keep yourself posted.

A final site that offers a wide ranging amount of openings in the local area is the Southampton Council site at southampton.gov.uk/council-partners/jobs. This site contains everything from Traffic Warden jobs to landscape gardening, so it is well worth a look.

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