Becoming qualified for solicitors jobs overseas.

Solicitors jobs overseas may require completely different qualifications to those obtained in the UK - not because you degree isn't good enough but mainly because different countries have completely different legal systems. You might need to re-study or retake some examinations before becoming considered for a solicitor job aboard, but there are other options rather than re-educating yourself.


Your Degree

Check your degree or your current course if you have not completed your training. Some institutions offer training that is internationally recognised and will allow you to work in some countries, such as countries within the European Union. If your course is not internationally recognised ask your institution about working aboard and any additional modules/courses you can take to qualify for work in another country.



Some solicitors jobs overseas may not require an additional qualification but may request relevant work experience in their own country. If you have a particular country in mind where you want to be a solicitor try to find a short term placement, or work experience position, to gain some extra knowledge of law overseas.


Law Firms

Some law firms have offices in other countries. If you apply to a law firm as a solicitor in the UK then it's likely you can ask for a transfer to one of their overseas offices, rather than going through the process of applying for completely new jobs and taking new qualifications. Check with your current law firm about international vacancies or, if you haven't started work yet, look for firms which operate internationally.

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