Health care and social worker apprenticeships

Health and social worker apprenticeships cover a broad spectrum of roles, which can lead to positions working for the NHS, private health care, local authorities or in voluntary sectors. Normally, there are two types of social care pathways you can choose: health and social.

Health apprenticeship pathways focus on care within hospitals and residential homes, whilst social apprenticeships place more focus on home caring roles. You can normally take a combination of the two in some cases but either one is likely to qualify you for both kinds of work - if you're only looking for work in one specific area you should, however, take the apprenticeship pathway which appeals most to your career prospects.

There are generally two levels of social worker apprenticeships, intermediate and advanced, which offer different level of responsibility and job roles such as:

Intermediate Apprenticeship Job Roles

  • Health care assistant/support worker
  • Personal assistant
  • Relief team worker
  • Night care assistant
  • Support worker in assisted living
  • Worker in residential, domiciliary and day services
  • Home care roles
  • Substance abuse worker
  • Mental health support/out reach worker.

Advanced Social Worker Apprenticeship Job Roles

  • Senior health care/support worker
  • Care officer/care supervisor
  • Senior care worker
  • Relief team leader
  • Social services officer
  • Outreach development worker
  • Community outreach/support worker
  • Community development
  • Family support worker
  • Personal assistant.

Completion of an advanced social worker apprenticeship will allow you to take on senior and management roles in social care and will also qualify you to study on a higher education course if you choose, making it a great pathway to go into a higher paying occupation such as nursing. Social care apprenticeships are normally offered by private employers or the NHS, so you should ring around local authorities, private health care organisations and take a look on the NHS site for job roles that allow you to complete an NVQ on the job or take an apprenticeship in social work.


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