Social work trainee scheme with local councils

More people than ever require care in their own homes. The need for social workers, whether it's working with children and families or old people, has risen over the past few years. Experience has become essential in social work but most applicants not have the required experience or qualifications to take themselves further in their career - that's why the social work trainee scheme in was introduced.

The social work trainee scheme 2011 was introduced by the Children's Workforce Development Council, funded by the Department of Education. It's a perfect opportunity for people to work and train as a social worker, whilst also receiving payment for their endeavours.

The training received on the scheme will ideally set candidates up for a position in social work at the end of the scheme, providing them with the necessary experience and qualifications to pursue a full-time social worker role within the community. If you've been looking to do social work for some time now but never felt you had the right qualifications and experience, the social work trainee scheme is your chance to gain just that - and get paid, too, so you don't have to worry about slipping back into your student days to fund your studies.

You need to have a 2:1 degree or above in social work or any other relevant field and ideally have some experience working with families or children - however, if you've completed a degree relevant to social work you should already have this basic work experience under your belt.

Although the social work trainee scheme is endorsed by the CWDC, the scheme is available from most local council authorities. Contact your local authority today for details of the scheme and to receive an application form.


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