Three reasons why social work placements are worth it

In year 10, all students need to take part in a week of work experience. There are a number of social work placements available for students to take, and there are many reasons why they are a good idea.

Find out if this is what you want to do

The main benefit of opting for social work placements during the year 10 work experience is that it will give students the chance to find out more about the role. Whether the student is looking after senior citizens or vulnerable adults, this is the time to work out whether this is a job that they want to do for the rest of their life. Social care is a demanding but rewarding role and it is not for everyone.

Gain some experience for your CV

Something that all companies want is someone with some experience. Year 10 work experience gives that opportunity, which makes sense to do it in something that the student wants to do. Social work placements will give students the experience of working within the role, which will also help them when it comes to taking NVQs.

There is a possible job after study

If the company likes the student so much after social work placements, there may be a job available after studying. There are also volunteering opportunities during studying, which will offer more experience. Volunteering will also offer more hands-on experience, which helps with taking the NVQs in health and social care. And with a job offer at the end, all students need to worry about is passing their exams.

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