Social Work Jobs in Edinburgh

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Social workers are extremely important members of the UK workforce as they are passionately committed to the pursuit of social welfare and change. Social work is an academic discipline that researches and improves quality of life. The discipline of social work is based on important theories taken form economics, education, medicine, anthropology, politics, as well as anti oppressive and anti-racist discourse.

The role of the social worker is essential in all walks of life and as a result they are always in demand throughout the UK. So if you are a trained social worker then check out some of these social work jobs in Edinburgh that are available now:

Qualified Social Workers

ASA are a recruitment agency that are currently trying to fill a number of positions for qualified social workers based in Edinburgh. The successful candidates will be responsible for providing personal care and following relevant legislation and guidelines. Other responsibilities will include protecting the welfare of client groups and assessing individual needs. To be considered for this role candidates must be registered with SSSC and will have to undergo PVG checks. To apply for this position please contact ASA Recruitment.

Children and Families Social Worker

Badenoch and Clark are currently looking for a Children and Families Social Worker to work in Edinburgh. The main responsibilities will include carrying out a range of assessments on clients based on their level of vulnerability, supporting counsel and working with children and their families. Care records must be maintained at all times and successful applicants will be expected to liaise with internal staff regarding their findings in order to make an informed decision on how best to treat the clients involved. To be considered for this role please send  copy of your CV to badenochandclark.com for immediate consideration.

So if you are qualified social worker and looking for  fresh challenge then check out some of these social work jobs in Edinburgh now!

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