We look at of the social work courses you'll need to take as a social worker

In order to work as a social worker, there are a number of different social work courses that you can take in order to ensure that you meet the strict entry requirements for the position. Since you're potentially going to be working with some of the most at risk people in the United Kingdom, it's very important that these standards are maintained at all times, so there are no workarounds or loopholes.

You're going to need to take a degree course in a subject such as politics, public administration, government, social care, social science or legal studies (which must be approved by the General Social Care Council) before you'll be able to take your interest in the subject any further.

Once you have this degree, you'll have to register yourself with the GSCC before starting your ongoing training. Since the needs of the job are changing all the time, this training is a continual thing, and you will continually need to upskill yourself to reflect the needs of society at large.

Fortunately, this training can be carried out in a very flexible manner. You'll first need a PQ Award in Specialist Social Work, before getting a PQ Award in Higher Specialist Social work, and finally a PQ Award in Advanced social work. On top of this you're going to need to take regular courses based on your particular field of expertise. Some of these courses include mental health, children and young people, leadership, resource management, practice education and adult social care.

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