Social work apprenticeships and opportunities

Looking after people in hospital isn't the only type of care role out there. Some people require help in their own homes - either after a hospital visit or long term - and that's where community care comes into play. Social workers are the primary people for community care jobs, which can range from working with children to young people. Because of government targets to free up hospital beds, short and long term care in a person's own home has risen, which has also led to a growing need for social workers. To speed up effective training and provide an income for trainee social workers, social work apprenticeships were introduced.

Like any other apprenticeship you learn on the job and earn at the same time. You won't be on the same salary as a normally social worker but will still receive payment and comprehensive, hands-on practical training. Social work apprenticeships are ideal for anyone who really wants to make a career out of social work but needs qualifications and can't afford to take time off work to study elsewhere. You can even take an advanced apprenticeship after your original position to further qualify yourself, which will also make you eligible for supervisor and leader positions.

The training received in social work apprenticeships is incredibly diverse because social work itself is a diverse job role. You could find yourself working with youth children or even working in administration for housing associations. Luckily, there are many apprenticeships designed for different areas of social work, which all give the same basic training but offer additional support depending on the area you wish to work in for the future.

To find the latest social work apprenticeships and the different career paths in social work, go to Apprenticeships.org.uk.


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