Looking for social, voluntary or vocational jobs? Check this out

While most people seem to be preoccupied in finding full time permanent work, there are a small, but ever increasing, number of people out there who are more interested in finding themselves some social, voluntary or vocational jobs. These positions tend to either be completely voluntary, or low paying, but they do offer fantastic opportunities to work in the community and build up your CV.

If there's one thing an employer likes seeing on an applicant's CV it's voluntary work. Not only does it show a strong work ethic, but it also suggests that the applicant has a good send of community spirit, which often means that they are great at working in a team and a real asset to have about the place in terms of employee morale.

With so many different social, voluntary or vocational jobs available out there, it can be difficult to know what you're looking for, but we recommend you use whatever experience you have in the workplace to determine the positions that are best for you.

For example, if you have worked in an office based environment, then you could take on a voluntary position for a charitable organisation or local group in which you use the skills learned in that job, such as building and maintaining spreadsheets or typing up memos for members.

This kind of work is essential to the survival of countless different voluntary groups, but no matter how you help out it will be greatly appreciated in the long run.

We recommend you check out these websites for more information on finding social, voluntary or vocational jobs in the United Kingdom today;

  • volunteering.org.uk
  • csv.org.uk
  • ukvolunteering.org
  • timebank.org.uk
  • vso.org.uk/volunteer


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