The most ridiculous social media job titles you should probably avoid

There is a growing trend of assigning random job titles to yourself in social media. While titles provide a certain sense of appreciation and value in a job, it is alarming to see the rush of professionals in social media assigning themselves lofty titles like the “Social Media Swami,” the “Social Media Dragon-Slayers” and the “Chief People Herder.” We highlight some of the most ridiculous social media job titles out there and why you should probably avoid them.

Social media rock star

One of the most ridiculous social media job titles out there is “social media rock star.” In all honesty, why would you want your career defined by rock stars—especially a full-time, professional career in social media? The only sensible parallel one can think of when comparing a professional in social media and members of a rock band like Led Zeppelin is that in a strange sort of way the social media professional can also tickle the ivories… of their personal computer!

Social media ninja

The title of "social media ninja" is at best cheesy if not utterly ridiculous—unless, of course, you honestly believe Santa Clause can transverse the whole world and bring gifts to the homes of the good children on the night before Christmas. Santa Clause is probably less mythical and fictitious than a ninja who specialised in unorthodox ways to accomplish tasks. Would you really put your hard-earned cash in the hands of a swift, mysterious and unorthodox "social media assassin" to manage your company’s social networking efforts?

Social media vixen

Social media vixen? Really? Please, don’t be that desperate for attention. The title is the spawn of “social media lady of the night.” Most businesses that are serious about how their brand is perceived on social media will stay away from “experts” who insist on using such titles.

The bottom line

The trend of assigning yourself random social media job titles that spring to mind is spreading fast. Maybe the reason for this trend spreading is because social media is newish and there is no one to regulate it.

However, must you really go out knighting yourself megalomaniacal job titles? Megalomaniacal titles in social media leave a bad taste in the mouth and are just poor form, especially if you really are skilled and knowledgeable in your job.

Social media marketing has become such an exciting career path that it just doesn’t deserve these ridiculous titles no matter how good and relaxed the titles make you feel in your job.

What do you think?

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