Social Work Jobs in Wales

Social work plays an important role in all walks of life and the UK team of social workers are an integral part of our countries welfare. Social workers are fervently committed to the pursuit of social welfare and progression. The role of the social worker allows them to form important relationships with individuals, families and communities as a whole. Social workers also engage with local authorities such as police, probation officers and schools in an attempt to help individuals lead better lives. So if you are a trained social worker and you are looking for a fresh challenge then check out some of these opportunities that have recently become available. These are just some of the social work jobs in Wales that are available now:

Qualified Social Worker

Swim Recruit are currently looking for a qualified and experienced social worker to become part of the Children and Families Long Term Team in Torfaen. This position is available for two months and the successful candidate can begin immediately. To be considered for this position applicants should have relevant previous experience, be GSCC registered and have a current CRB. To apply for this position please contact Swim Recruit now!

Qualified Social Worker – Adoption Services

Reed Social Care is currently recruiting on behalf of an adoption company. They are looking for a qualified adoption support social worker with the minimum of two years adoption experience. The successful candidate will have worked with children and families and will be responsible for supporting the Adoption Act and Children Act. To be considered for this role applicants should be registered with the relevant Social Care Council and be able to provide up to date references. If you would like to apply for this position then please contact Leanne Butler at leanne.butler@reed.co.uk

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