You can find a variety of social care jobs in the council

The type and nature of social care jobs in a council varies, from social worker to family support worker and housing manager.

One of the first places to look for an overview of this job sector is prospects.ac.uk.  Here, you can also find out about the qualifications needed to work in the area.

The skills and qualities you will need include:

  • possessing a caring attitude towards others
  • having good listening skills
  • a social work qualification (or willing to work towards one)
  • understanding other peoples needs
  • patience
  • good communication skills.

When working for a council you will have certain standards to uphold, including a 'duty of care' to those you deal with, particularly the most vulnerable, such as children and the elderly. You may be required to visit people in the community, so a lot of face-to-face work.  Therefore interaction with others is an essential component of this kind of work.


A better way of searching for this type of work is through sites like jobsgopublic.com. This will save a lot of time as you will not have to look up each individual authority, the site will do this all for you.

It is important to note that the standards of care and quality in social work is ever changing.  However most local authorities will offer up-to-date training and development opportunities according to government regulations.

If you require further skills or are new to the social care jobs sector, skillsforcare.org.uk is an invaluable tool for helping you in your career progression.


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