What social care jobs are there in Dublin?

With the continued moratorium on hiring for the civil service, some might think that the number of options for people looking to begin a career with a social care job in Dublin is at an all time low - but we have found a significant number of options for people who are so inclined.

Social care jobs in Dublin can be subject to a process of Garda vetting. This is a process designed to protect vulnerable adults and children by ensuring that everyone who works with them has a clean history. This process can take up to eight weeks but it is a legal requirement for many positions.

By using Google searches you can turn up several positions in Dublin ranging from carers positions in nursing homes to Au Pair and Nanny positions. These can be an excellent source of experience for someone looking to gain a foothold into the social care positions in Dublin.

These positions are constantly changing and daily searches are recommended to find your ideal position.

Some of the positions require candidates to be registered with An Bord Altranais, the nursing board. This process requires nurses to either hold an Irish qualification in nursing or pass an adaptation course as run by An Bord Altranais. In addition to this candidates are also required to pass an English language test and hold a work permit for Ireland. This process can take six to twelve weeks and costs €175.

The Irish National Training and Employment Authority has a number of positions for carers which is changing regularly. You can contact FAS directly by applying in person to your local office.

Finally by using activelink.ie, the website for not-for-profit agencies and organisations in Ireland, you can stay up to date with all caring or social jobs in Dublin.

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