How to find social care vacancies quickly

Social care vacancies

Looking for social care vacancies takes time and you’ve got to be willing to put that time in to get the best roles. However, there are ways to cut down the time it takes for your searches. Here are two options that you have.

Use a Recruitment Agency

Use recruitment agencies for social care vacancies. There are a number available online, such as communitycare.co.uk greatsocialcare.co.uk and allcarejobs.co.uk.

Companies will use recruitment agencies specifically for the health and social care area because they will be able to go through the applications for the companies. Agencies will find out whether applicants have the right NVQ Health and Social Care qualification or whether the work experience is enough.

Agencies will be able to tell you, as the applicant, when new social care vacancies are posted. They will also keep your CV on file and send it along, if you are fully qualified. However, they can also help those who are looking for voluntary work in social care to build up the experience.

Opt for Job Search Websites

You will still need to apply for the social care vacancies, but you can cut your time down on the searches. Job search websites will take your criteria and then search for anything that matches it, instead of you having to go through each recruitment agency and company website or to check the newspaper each week.

You will be able to put a list of the keywords that you want or the type of social care vacancies that you are after, whether you want to look after old people or you want to concentrate on children.

There are a few websites available for these searches, including Totaljobs.co.uk, Monsterjobs.co.uk and indeed.co.uk.

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