Finding social care jobs in north west England

The care sector covers a diverse range of roles, from the manual to the almost academic, such as social workers and other highly trained professionals.

It follows then, that there is a diverse range of tools to use when it comes to seeking social care jobs in the north west of England.

Before undertaking any job search, it is essential to have an up-to-date CV, listing relevant experience prominently and including two references, where possible. It should also be readily available to potential employers, either electronically or on paper.

Agencies and Websites

One of the easiest tools to use to look for work in the care sector, especially if you do not yet live in the north west, is the internet. Many jobs websites exist listing vacancies, and many of these also function as agencies which actively seek work on an applicants' behalf.

One nationally recognised agency is Reed, and their website carries a specific page for care sector vacancies, covering the whole gamut of roles and jobs. which can be found at Reed.co.uk/socialcare. The search can be refined as to geographical location from there. Indeed.co.uk is another similar website.

Other agencies exist, of course, and many have branches in town and city centres which can be visited in person. Some of these are

NHS & Local Government

Of course, much work in the care sector is undertaken by public agencies such as the National Health Service and local councils. The NHS has a website which lists its national vacancies at Jobs.nhs.uk.

A list of vacancies at medical institutions within a local area can be developed from there, and the website also allows job seekers to apply online. The NHS also usually advertises in the local press.

There are also social care jobs advertised by north west. The two largest councils in the region are Liverpool and Manchester, and both of these councils have websites detailing their vacancies.

There are also many other councils in the region, varying from rural to urban settings, and towns such as Blackburn, Wigan and Barrow have councils of their own.

Local Press

Another good source of social care job opportunities are local newspapers, whether large evening papers such as the Liverpool Echo or Manchester Evening News, to more local efforts in smaller towns.

Even papers delivered through the door can sometimes be a surprisingly good source of possibilities. The larger local newspapers also operate online editions.


There are also more specific publications which cater for individual professions, though they can also be a source of more general vacancies in the sector. Newsletters and similar are often distributed free to members of professional bodies.

One particularly useful example is Communitycare.co.uk, which lists vacancies for workers with a range of spcialisms, from drug and alcohol workers, to practitioners specialising in children's care amongst many others.


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