How to get a social care job

People who are looking for a social care job will need to have a social work qualification and register for a GSCC. Anyone who has a social care job in the UK needs to be GSCC registered in order to work in this field legally. The website Gscc.org.uk has information for those who already have a qualification and wish to register as well as information for prospective social care students. Currently there are over 80 educational institutes that offer social care qualifications in the UK. The GSCC website has a list of schools that they believe have the best curriculum.

The next step job seekers will have to take is to decide what area of social care they want to work in. Social care professionals in the UK work with children, the elderly, disabled people as well as those suffering from mental disorders and addictions.

Once a job seeker has the right qualifications and is registered for a GSCC they can start looking for work. Applicants can choose to apply for jobs with the government or with private companies. Those who want to work in a government role can check for available vacancies on two different websites. These websites are Governmentjobsdirect.co.uk and Nhscareers.nhs.uk. People who are looking for work at a private rest home or other facility will need to look at job listing websites on a daily basis. One of the best job websites in the UK is Reed.co.uk. This site has hundreds of health related listings at any given time.

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