Let SOAS Propel you into a Career

SOAS University in London is unique in that it is the only third level institute in the UK which specialises in the study of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. At SOAS it is a priority to equip graduates to not only be experts in their discipline but to also have a regional focus forthe duration of their career.

Many Courses to Choose From

SOAS University has plenty of variety to offer in terms of courses and there are postgraduate degrees and research degrees available too. Every field imaginable is covered and if you see yourself wishing to carve out a career in vital areas such as social change, development, human rights or poverty with a specific focus on one particular country or region then it is highly likely that there will be a suitable course for you at SOAS.

Currently there are over 3000 undergraduate students enrolled with SOAS and there are over 350 undergraduate courses to choose from. Some undergraduate courses that have strong career prospects include a BA in Chinese Studies, a BA in International Relations, a BA Islamic Studies, a BA in Development Economics, a BA in Korean Studies and a BA in Middle Eastern Studies.

SOAS is also a great university to study a language in depth and, provided you have a region you wish to work in after you graduate, you will be free to concentrate on mastering that language over the course of your degree. If you are outside the UK then make sure to check out the Distance Learning options availabe through SOAS. You can view a full list of courses at www.soas.ac.uk as well as check the entry requirements for each course.

Keep Up to Date with SOAS on Twitter

You can keep abreast of all the news and course information emanating from SOAS University through their regualrly updated twitter feed at twitter.com/SOAS. All relevant news and events get posted to this feed as well as interesting resources which directly apply to some of the worlds most pressing issues.

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