Snow shoveling jobs UK

Many parts of the country experience severe weather problems every winter. Snow is not an issue for the majority of the time, but when it does fall it causes airport runways to close, schools and businesses to shut down and homes to get cut off. Clearly, there will always be a demand for snow shoveling jobs in the UK.

Typical snow shoveling jobs

The type of snow shoveling jobs in the UK depends on the scale of the snow removing operation required. At local levels, it might be a case of requiring someone reliable to clear a driveway or pavement area, or to dig out vehicles that have become caked in freezing snow. More and more budding entrepreneurs are setting themselves up as seasonal snow shovelers, offering their services via simple adverts in shop windows, or by contacting free advertising sites like Gumtree.com.

The next step up is small firms who will offer snow removal services as part of their other tasks. Because this operation is only in demand for a few weeks in any year, they will have other focuses, such as routine garden maintenance. But they will run a team of shovelers who can tackle more than just singular drive clearances, taking on several jobs at a time. The best place to look for openings in these areas is to check out specialist recruitment websites, such as Indeed.com.

On a larger scale, the UK’s biggest employers of snow clearing staff are its local councils. Ensuring that roads are safe to travel on is a statutory responsibility for government organisations, so all councils have dedicated staff during the crucial winter months. These workers will be responsible for gritting roads and footways, we well as ensuring snow is shoveled away from areas like hospitals, schools and other public buildings. To apply for maintenance work with any of Britain’s local councils, the portal to use is Directgov.

Further information about snow shoveling

Councils will act on clearing roads the moment they receive the appropriate weather warnings. The first part of the operation will be to send out their fleet of gritting lorries, with some councils aiming to tackle up to 50% of the roads in their area when ice or snow is forecast. As well as snow shoveling jobs in the UK, there are opportunities to use more advanced technology, such as learning how to operate snowploughs or snow-blowing machinery.

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