Sky Jobs in Manchester, Stockport

To help increase its service to the 9.5 million viewers in the UK, Sky opened a new office in Stockport, Manchester, in 2010. Sky offered 500 jobs in Manchester when it opened its doors in all areas of its service, from customer support to technician training, offering competitive salaries and a range of benefits such as:

  • Free top-tier home Sky package.
  • Comprehensive pension plans.
  • Enhanced life assurance worth 4 times an employees salary as a lump sum.
  • Free private health care.
  • High street discounts, competitions and company hosted events.


Customer Service Jobs

Sky jobs in Manchester include customer service roles paid on a monthly salary (varying depending on the actual role), unlike other companies that tend to use offshore employees for customer service roles. Training is given in certain areas and experience may be required, but may not be essential for some roles. Technical support offers a higher salary than normal customer service roles but requires more experience.


Technician Vacancies

One of the highest demanding job roles with Sky is technician roles, installing and fixing equipment. Experienced technicians can apply for a full time role but apprenticeship and trainee vacancies are also available, where the training for the job is carried out on sight with a highly trained engineer.


Sales Vacancies

Sales vacancies may be paid as a salary or commission, or a combination of the two. Roles range from cold calling, dealing with current customers, marketing roles and working at sales point in shops or on busy streets.

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