Sky Jobs in London

Sky jobs in London can involve many aspects of the business, from installing Sky systems to business management. Some of the most popular types of roles you can apply for in Sky are:


Broadcast and Entertainment

This includes jobs such as news presenters, working with Sky News crews, cameramen, assistant job in Sky News offices and working with equipment when recording in Sky's London establishment.



The business section of Sky deals with financing, human resources roles, legal teams, strategy, corporate affairs, facilities and property management.


Customer Service and Installation

The customer service roles in Sky are some of the most popular positions in the company. You can normally find a customer service role at any of their offices, including London, and won't need to be highly qualified like other roles. Installation Sky jobs in London are also available, as well as across the country, and rarely require a large Sky office to be based in the city.


Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing roles range from advertising, advertising slot management, online advertise, SEO, web design, retail sales, media sales and business sales.


Graduate programmes, work experience, apprenticeships and intern work can also be obtained through Sky which provides a mix of practical training and learning to the ideal candidate.

The main office for Sky jobs in London is located at 1 Braham Street, London, UKE1 8EP (020 7032 8000). However, some job roles may not require you to work at the office and instead may be available across other areas of London (these are likely to be installation, sales and customer service roles). You can view all current job vacancies with Sky at: http://www.workforsky.com/work_for_sky/search_and_apply_bus_areas.htm.

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