Looking to pick up Sky jobs in Newcastle?

As one of the UK's most successful companies, there is a lot to be said for working for British Sky Broadcasting as they continue to go from strength to strength. Rupert Murdoch's media colossus continues to record record profits every year, and they have expanded their operation into every part of the UK, meaning there are plenty of Sky jobs in Newcastle available to people who want them. In this blog we'll be showing you how to go about applying for them!

Thanks to their constant investment in technology, Sky TV is at the very forefront of cutting edge innovation, and is a fantastic place to try and base your career. Their headquarters are based in both London and Middlesex, so if you want a job there, you will have to leave your base in Newcastle and head south. Fortunately though, there are still plenty of jobs available if you are technically minded and don't want to leave home.

Sky are always recruiting for people to install their Sky satellite systems around the UK, and there is a huge demand for this staff in Newcastle right now due to the huge population. You can check out the full range of careers available on their website at corporate.sky.com/work_for_sky.htm. New vacancies pop up all the time, so save it as a bookmark and keep a regular eye out.

There is also a Sky Call Centre based in Newcastle, and they seem to be always recruiting bright and enthusiastic staff to work there. You can check out their vacancies at skycustomercentres.com.


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