Ski jobs for season workers

Ski jobs for season workers are an opportunity to experience a variety of interesting roles. Jobs in ski resorts include everything from restaurant work to ski instructors, lift operators to tour guides. With skiing remaining an ever-popular recreational pastime, anyone looking for seasonal work can find outlets in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Opportunities for ski jobs

There is a diverse range of ski jobs for season workers. Chalet hosts provide basic services in resorts, such as cleaning, preparing meals and other basic chores. While the work itself may be uninspiring, you get free accommodation and the opportunity to do some skiing. You don't need to have a lot of experience of cooking or hosting as training will be required. Hosts can earn around £80-100 per week, plus tips. Other perks include living expenses, ski hire and a lift pass.

Handyman jobs are always in demand. Ski resorts will look for drivers, mechanics, snow shovellers, delivery staff and log cutters. These roles will earn up to £120 per week, with the figure rising in more popular resorts.

Skiiers love to unwind after a long day on the slopes, so there will always be opportunities for bar staff. Here you will get the opportunity to mix with people from different cultural backgrounds, although not to the same extent as chalet hosts. One espect to consider is that not all bar work includes accommodation.

Providing you are qualified you can find work as a ski instructor, earning £10-20 per hour, plus tips. You will meet a wide variety of people, and while there may be the occasional lull, the next moment you might find yourself having to deal with a boisterous party of schoolkids.

Applying for seasonal ski jobs

The more serious ski jobs for season workers include travel reps, transfer coordinators, account managers and area managers. These require longers hours and particular skills, so ensure your CV includes all your experience of personal management and customer relations.

The various hotels, shops, bars and chalet companies begin recruiting in May. A worthwhile resource is www.hotrecruit.co.uk. Other websites worth a look are www.seasonworkers.com, www.anyworkanywhere.com, and www.natives.co.uk.

Also, keep an eye out for recruitment fairs, such as The Natives Job Fair held periodically at the Novotel West London, Hammersmith.

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