Sites to check for Liverpool jobs

Liverpool is one of the cities in the UK with the brightest future as it continues to post record growth despite all of the doom and gloom surrounding the rest of the country! It is a fantastic place to live and work thanks to some awe inspiring history and culture. So if you are on the job hunt in Liverpool, we are here to help as we present the best places to check for Liverpool jobs.

As one of the biggest centres of commerce in the north of England, Liverpool has an absolute plethora of jobs just waiting for somebody to come along and fill them. If you are in any way retail minded then we recommend you check out the brand new and fantastic Liverpool One shopping centre. It is one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in the UK, and there are a whopping 160 different retail outlets to choose from. Check out their selection of jobs at liverpool-one.com/website/home.aspx.

If you are a big football fan, then there are few better cities in the world to live than Liverpool! As the home to both Everton and Liverpool FC, there are jobs to be had at both clubs. You can check out what jobs are going on the admin side of both clubs by checking out their sites at liverpoolfc.tv/corporate/jobs-at-lfc. If you are more of an Everton fan, then simply check out their site at evertonfc.com/club/career-opportunities.html.

For a more general look at jobs on Merseyside, we recommend checking out myliverpooljobs.co.uk to see what is out there!


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