Complete the SIA training in Sheffield and walk into a job in security

If you're interested in a job in security, you'll need the necessary qualifications first. The number 1 requirement is the SIA security licence, and it can be obtained by completing the SIA training in Sheffield.

There are several providers of SIA training in Sheffield. Get Licensed, AAB Training and Train 2 Protect are some of the names you can book the SIA security course with online. The basic security course is available for £95, and the only requirement is that you're at least 18 years of age.

The security industry is huge in the UK and there are different courses you can take that relate to different areas. The choices available include the security guard course, doorman supervisor course and CCTV operator course.

Each course is tailored to a specific area and includes modules that will give you the skills needed to work in that field. For instance, the doorman supervisor course contains modules that deal with drugs awareness, searching and arrest, while the CCTV operator course deals with issues of surveillance and CCTV equipment operation and maintenance.

And there are modules that can be found in all of the SIA security courses. They include fire and safety, first aid and criminal and civil law procedures.

The SIA training in Sheffield can be completed in 3 days. There's an exam that you must pass at the end of the training, so remember to pay attention in class. And don't forget to discuss employment opportunities with the course provider, as they'll be up to date with the latest recruitment news.


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