Complete the SIA training in Scotland and find a job in security

There's really only one requirement for anyone who wants to work in the security industry in the UK. That's the SIA security licence. You can get the SIA security licence by completing the SIA training in Scotland.

There are several course providers for SIA training in Scotland. Some of the bigger names include AAB Training, Train 2 Protect and Get Licenced. You can book a SIA course online with any of them for less than £100.

There are three different SIA courses available to take; each one relates to separate area of the security industry. The options open to you are the security guard course, doorman supervisor course and CCTV operator course.

There are modules that are unique to each course. For example, the CCTV operator course includes CCTV surveillance techniques and CCTV equipment use and maintenance; while the doorman supervisor course deals with searching, arrest and drugs awareness.

All of the courses contain common elements too. These include fire and safety, criminal and civil law and first aid.

The SIA training in Scotland usually lasts for 3 days. The courses take place in hotels and other establishments around the country. Some of the courses include a lot of scenario based training, and you might find that you need to be in a reasonable physical condition to complete this.

At the end of the 3 days, you're expected to pass an exam based on the training. If you pass the exam, you'll receive your SIA licence and be ready to begin an exciting new career.


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