Where can you find SIA training in Liverpool?

Thinking of looking into a career in the security industry? A lot of people may not realise this, but if you want to work in this popular industry, you are going to have to undergo a lot of training to get the right qualifications. If you are based in Liverpool, then this blog is for you, as we check out SIA Training courses in Liverpool.

Depending on which aspect of the security industry you are looking to get into, SIA courses can be a little pricey. However, they will set you up with a brilliant job that offers hugely interesting career options. A fantastic starting point, with all the information you are likely to need on getting SIA Training in Liverpool is get-licensed.co.uk/Liverpool. Get Licensed is the main site for info and training courses in the UK, and all you will have to do is input your area, and it will show you where all the SIA Courses are near you.

To give an example of how much getting the relevant SIA Licenses will cost you, the prices are as follows: £145 for a Door Supervisor cert, £99 for a Security Guard Cert, and £155 for a CCTV Monitor Cert. If you would like to speak to one of their representatives, then just call them on 01914 066 251 or else visit their site.

If you are willing to travel to Manchester, then there is a cheaper option available to you, and that option can be found at aabtraining.co.uk. Here you will find SIA Courses from just £95, perfect for those of you on a budget!


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