We look at some of the most popular SIA training courses in Aberdeen

As anyone who works in the security industry will tell you, it's absolutely essential that you have SIA qualifications if you are to have any chance at all of finding work with a reputable company. While it might be tempting to avoid going to all that hassle and instead just take a look at smaller companies who don't ask for your credentials, in the long run you are much better off going about things the correct way to not only cover yourself but also your employer should anything untoward end up happening while you work.

SIA licenses are issued by the Security Industry Authority to anyone who wishes to work in the security industry as a front line security operative, or in any position where they will be dealing with the public or sensitive data in a security based position.

While it might seem like a waste of time, it is of the utmost importance that you acquire your SIA license as soon as possible in order to pursue any dreams of a career working in security. Fortunately it is actually quite a straightforward process and there are a number of companies offering SIA training courses in Aberdeen.

In particular we recommend Success Training Scotland (successtrainingscotland.com) who offer monthly courses at 48 Queens Road, Aberdeen AB15 4YA. They can be contacted at 0844 800 6681 during office hours if you need to enquire about availability.

Alternatively you could take a look at Instant Services (instantservices.co.uk). They are based at Union Square, Guild Street, Aberdeen Ab11 5RG and can be contacted via phone at 0141 429 7295. They offer SIA CCTV Operator BTEC Level 2 and SIA Door Supervisor BTEC Level 2 courses which can be booked online.


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