Where to find the best SIA security courses

Looking for a bit of a change of pace when it comes to your career? There is a huge, and ever growing demand in the UK for security personnel. However, the old misconception of it being an unskilled industry have gone out the window, as security staff now have to undergo rigorous training to get the position they are looking for. In this blog, we are going to fill you in on SIA security courses and how to go about taking them on.

No matter which branch of the security industry you are looking to work in, you will need an SIA License of some description. For those who invest the time in getting one, they will find their job prospects increasing exponentially. If you fancy finding out how to get yourself accredited, then check out Get Licensed at get-licensed.co.uk. Get Licensed is the UK's premier site for getting into the security industry as it shows you all of the various training courses there are, and how much they cost.

This site is the perfect gateway into the security industry as it lays out in simple language where to take the courses, and how much each of them will cost in the various test centres. The average seems to be £145 for a Door Supervisor cert, £99 for a Security Guard cert, and £155 for a CCTV Monitor Cert. If you would like to speak to one of their representatives, then just call them on 01914 066 251 or else visit their site.

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