Need SIA Licence training? Take a look here

Following 2001 policy drawn up by the UK Government, it is now law that everyone working in the security industry in the United Kingdom needs to have an SIA Licence to prove that they are up to the task of working in such a highly sensitive industry. This means that you will need to take SIA Licence training in order to start applying for work in one of the fastest moving industries in the UK right now.

There are two main types of SIA Licence, and the work you do will determine which one you are going to need. Anyone working directly in the public eye, such as security van drivers, in store security or patrol men will need to have a front line security licence, while anyone working behind the scenes, no matter what the capacity, will need to get themselves a non front line licence.

There are very few security companies in the United Kingdom that will entertain your application for a job unless you already have the relevant licence, so we recommend you get out there and take the course as soon as possible so that your career isn't held up any longer than it needs to be.

There are many companies out there who offer excellent SIA Licence training, however the one that always comes top of the recommended list for us is get-licensed.co.uk. With a 99% pass rate and courses starting from just £135.00, it's easy to see why they are one of the most highly rated companies in the business. You can check their website out today to find a course and test centre near you.

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