Get your SIA licence in Kent

A SIA licence in Kent can be obtained by completing the SIA security course, and it will give you incredible employment prospects in one of the fastest growing industries in the UK.

There are several providers of the SIA course in Kent. Some of the names you can book the course with include AAB Training, Train 2 Protect and Get Licensed. It's possible to book the course online on any of their websites, and it's available now for just £95.

There are 3 different SIA courses to choose from, with each one relating to separate area in the security industry. The SIA courses you can pick from are the security guard course, doorman supervisor course and CCTV operator course.

There are common modules found in all of the courses. They include fire and safety, first aid and criminal and civil law. And there are modules that are unique to each course. CCTV operators study surveillance techniques and CCTV equipment and maintenance. Courses for security guards include drugs awareness, searching and arrest.

The only requirement for a SIA security course is that applicants are at least 18 years old. Some aspects of the course, including the scenario based training, are quite demanding and being in a reasonable physical condition make it much easier to pass.

One completion of the SIA course in Kent, you'll be rewarded with a widely recognised SIA licence. With the licence you're free to apply for jobs in security. And you'll find hundreds of vacancies on job search sites, including Total Jobs and Indeed.


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