Obtaining an SIA Licence in Birmingham

The Security Industry Authority is responsible for ensuring that the private security industry employees well-trained, quality security guards. An SIA licence is a form of licence awarded to security guards who have completed necessary training; some job applications for security guard positions state that an SIA licence is essential.

You will require an SIA licence in Birmingham for:

  • Cash and valuables in transit (manned guarding);
  • Close protection;
  • Door supervision;
  • Public survelliance;
  • Immobilisation, restriction and removal of vehicles;
  • Key holding.

To apply for an SIA licence in Birmingham you must have undergone the correct training for your desired licence type with an SIA approved organisation or training centre.

Any training course you undertake will tell you the standards expected by the SIA to obtain a licence, so you should aim for the standards set out by your training centre. Falling below standards will result in a rejection from the SIA and may require training to be taken again. If you are already trained and have proper security qualifications from elsewhere you may be able to apply for an SIA licence in Birmingham anyway, but it is often the case that a SIA approved course is taken before an SIA licence is issued.

However, previous qualifications may make you exempt from some training modules. You must have a set of SIA endorsed qualification to receive an SIA licence.


SIA Licence Training Centres in Birmingham

The Training Circle, 20 Bridge Street, Birmingham, West Midlands B1 2JR (0121 270 6341 ‎ http://www.thetrainingcircle.co.uk)

Get Licensed, Britannia Hotel, New Street, Birmingham, B2 4RX

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