Improve your prospects of getting SIA jobs

If the security industry is one you have been eyeing up as a potential one to base yourself in then this could be the perfect blog for you! Right now, we are going to check out how to go about getting yourself the head start on the field when it comes to getting SIA Security jobs, so let's take a gander!

Getting a job in the security industry involves a lot more than simple rocking up in a snazzy uniform and standing around looking bored. There is going to be a huge amount of training involved for you to get up to an employable standard, and to begin getting that training under your belt, we recommend checking out the Skills for Security site at skillsforsecurity.org.uk. This site contains all of the info you will need on the different available Security Training Courses and where you can undertake them. Helpfully, it also contains the full list of prices for the courses, so you will have your eyes open before signing up!

Once you have completed your training, the job market should be extremely open to you. The first site we think you should check out is securityvacancies.com as they are the most comprehensive site in the UK for roles in the security business. In fact, they are the main industry site, so most vacancies will go up here before going up anywhere else. Every type of security work in the UK has its own section, including CCTV monitors, loss prevention officers, fire, security guards, and door staff. We highly recommend them!

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