With an SIA Licence a job in security could be just around the corner

With the security industry currently going from strength to strength, despite the financial difficulties that many companies and sectors in the United Kingdom are facing, there has never been a better time to give yourself a kick start into a new career. There are dozens of different job types available within the security industry right now, however they all have one thing in common; without an SIA license jobs are going to be extremely hard to come across.

SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensing was introduced to the United Kingdom as part of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, and since it was introduced it has been an essential requirement for everyone wishing to work in the security industry.

There are two main types of SIA license available, and the one you need will very much depend on the type of role you see for yourself in the security industry. The first type is a front line security license. These licenses are for anyone who is actively involved in security in a visible capacity, or who deals with the public. Examples of people who need this particular license include door men at clubs or pubs, security van drivers or patrol men.

The other type is the non front line license. This license is required for anyone who sees their role being behind the scenes, such as a manager, director, supervisor or key holder.

There are plenty of different companies offering SIA licensing courses, but to ensure that you only use the most reputable, we recommend checking sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/Pages/licensing-applying.aspx.

Again, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you get your SIA license pre job application, because it is highly likely that you will be considered by any reputable company if you do not yet have one.

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