SIA courses in Plymouth are key to finding security jobs

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One of the best sources of employment in Plymouth is security jobs. They're available in a large number of businesses, including shopping centres, offices and nightclubs. SIA courses in Plymouth give you the qualifications required to break into the industry.

There are a number of providers of SIA courses in Plymouth. Train 2 Protect, AAB Training and Get Licenced are a few of the names who run SIA courses. Of course, not all security jobs are the same, and because of this, there are different SIA courses you can take.

The 3 main SIA courses are security guard courses, door supervisor courses and CCTV operator courses. Each course can be booked for less than £100. However, the prices tend to fluctuate so keep a close eye out for special offers from the different providers.

SIA courses in Plymouth involve quite a lot of scenario based training, and are an invaluable introduction into the world of a security officer. Most employers in the security industry will insist of their staff being in a reasonable physical condition, and it's important to shape up before taking the course, as parts of it are quite demanding.

Overall, the pass rate for SIA courses in Plymouth is extremely high, and once you've taken the course, and passed, you'll receive your SIA qualification within 6 to 8 weeks. An online version will be available after 10 days. This gives you the qualifications needed to work in security industry and it's also necessary if you want to pursue further security guard training.


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