Find shop assistant jobs in Sheffield

Despite the economic downturn and subsequent dip in the job market, there are still shop assistant jobs available if you know where to look. Although the retail industry did suffer losses, many individual retailers continued to go from strength to strength and continued to hire new staff. Finding these positions can, however, be a little tricky, so we've rounded up some surefire ways to find shop assistant jobs in Sheffield...

  • Always keep an eye out for new store openings - especially for major supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsburys or Asda. When a new store opens, up to a hundred shop assistants are hired at once - often through group recruitment days and group interviews. This is one of the easiest ways to get into retail, particularly if you don't have any previous experience.
  • Online job search websites like Total Jobs and Job is Job are great for finding full time professional jobs, but aren't so great when it comes to jobs that are more casual in nature. Employers are often unwilling to shell out for the high cost of advertising in order to fill part time and casual roles. If you want to look online, try heading to the individual retailer's website and see if there is a 'Work for us' page. This will often list the current shop assistant job vacancies and may even allow you to apply online.
  • Print out a stack of your latest CVs and cover letters and hit the high street. Call in and ask whether the manager is available for a chat.


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