How to find self employed delivery jobs

Fed up working in an office with your boss breathing over your shoulder? Or perhaps you'd like to earn some extra income in your spare time. Whatever your reasons, self employed delivery jobs can be a great option. You'll need a full clean driving license and access to your own vehicle, and you'll also need good customer service skills and, in some cases, money handling skills. However, anyone who can drive and is determined to succeed in the world of driving jobs shouldn't have too much difficulty in finding a vacancy.

The first port of call when looking for vacancies should be major internet job search sites, like Monster (monster.co.uk), Total Jobs (totaljobs.com), Reed (reed.co.uk) and - our favourite - Job is Job (jobisjob.co.uk). These websites allow you to easily navigate to relevant sections and job categories - be it driving jobs, delivery jobs or self employment opportunities.

However, don't limit your search to these websites. As you'll be self employed, many recruiters are reluctant to pay the high advertising fees that come with postings on these sites. It's therefore a good idea to check out your local media (does your local radio station or newspaper have a website?) and free sites like Gumtree.

Finally, you can also track down jobs by contacting major delivery employers. Some industries that frequently take on self employed drivers include take away companies, taxi firms, and of course, delivery companies like DHL. Drop them an email to ask about current vacancies.

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