Self employed courier jobs in Scotland can take you down a very rewarding road

Probably the biggest advantage of having self employed courier jobs in Scotland is being your own boss. You can find employment with manufacturers, retailers, construction firms and courier companies, amongst others. The type and size of the van you drive will dictate the sort of work you can take on.

Working for yourself requires self motivation, hard work and good driving and customer service skills. Your salary will depend entirely on the amount and type of work you are willing to do. It is essential that you have adequate insurance such as vehicle, goods in transit and public liability.

Many courier companies sub contract work to self employed drivers. It could be well worth your while contacting couriers in your area and expressing your interest.

Couriers can work within a wide range of industries in Scotland from removal companies to banks. It is important to advertise yourself by getting listed in the Yellow Pages, printing business cards and by placing adverts in local newspapers.

Owning your own van or truck has the advantage of cutting out the middleman. Not only do you receive your driver's allowance but you also get paid for the rent of the vehicle.

Many jobsites such as jobrapido.co.uk, jobisjob.co.uk and totaljobs.com advertise vacancies for self employed couriers. Newspapers, recruitment agencies and company open days can also help find you work.

Getting started with self employed courier jobs in Scotland is not too difficult as there are not huge overheads. Businesses can become profitable quickly and expanding your operation is possible.




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