Security work in Ireland - Job descriptions and licensing

Security work in Ireland can be offered employment in a range of locations. Security staff are often required to work in shops and other public locations. When employed in shops and supermarkets they may be required to work on the shop floor or to monitor CCTV footage. Their main responsibilities are to prevent shoplifting and damage to the store. They may also be required to deal with unruly or aggressive customers or to refuse admission to certain members of the public if instructed to do so.

Security staff in Ireland can also find employment in bars and nightclubs, and in some late night restaurants, takeaways and hotels. Working security in a bar or nightclub involves monitoring the doorways and checking ID cards, along with general security within the establishment itself.

Roles such as these are primarily customer service positions, and security staff are expected to be polite and courteous to customers at all times.

Many security staff in Ireland are also employed in offices, especially in financial and banking institutions. They are generally stationed in the lobbies of these buildings, and are required to monitor and restrict access to the offices and the data within them. Other security staff are employed through agencies and are required to patrol businesses and other private premises at night and occasionally during the day.

In order to obtain security work in Ireland, a valid license and training is essential. However many employers will provide license training upon recruitment. Licensing information is available from The Private Security Authority website, at psa.gov.ie. Additionally job listings can be found on securityjobs.ie, or through security agencies such as noonan.ie.


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