Those of you interested in security in West Yorkshire careers should read on

With the security industry still booming despite the obvious financial troubles of the rest of the United Kingdom it was to be expected that there'd be something of an upsurge in the level of interest in security based positions across the country. These days more and more people are showing an interest in getting into security in West Yorkshire careers, but there are a number of important things that everyone should know before pursuing this change in career.

Firstly, without an SIA license it is highly unlikely that you'll get work from any reputable security company. This makes having one the single most important thing that anyone seeking to work as a front line security operative can possibly do. The process is actually quite straightforward, you can find out more about it on the Security Industry Authority's website, located at sia.gov.uk.

Once you have your SIA license sorted out, things will be much more straightforward. There are a number of great security companies in the West Yorkshire area, and we recommend that you get in contact with each one to enquire about potential vacancies as well as discussing the kind of requirements you will need to meet in order to be considered for work with them.

Homeguard Security Systems are located at 132 Street Lane, Gildersome in Leeds, Reliance Security Services are located at Norwich House, Birstall, Safeguard Security Group are located at Fountain Street, Morely and Churchill Security and Electrical Systems can be found at Station Way in Leeds.


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