Fancy a security in West Yorkshire career?

If you're in reasonable physical condition and are looking for an exciting and demanding job, maybe you should consider a security in West Yorkshire career?

In the centres Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield there are hundreds of vacancies for security guards. And with average wages of £10 to £15 an hour; they're extremely attractive propositions for job seekers.

The best place to look for security jobs in West Yorkshire is with job search websites. Any employer or recruitment agency who has a vacancy will advertise it on jobs sites such as Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed. All you need to do to take advantage of this incredible source of vacancies is upload a CV on the website.

It's important that your CV is in an excellent condition, because employers and agencies will view it when they're filling vacancies. Drop into your local job centre and the staff will be more than happy to run through your CV with you and suggest ways of improving it.

Many security jobs in South Yorkshire are looking for people to start immediately and the best way of preparing for this is by registering for email alerts of new vacancies. You can do this with almost every job site.

The main requirement for security guards in the UK is a SIA security licence. This can be booked online for £95 with AAB Training, Train 2 Protect and Get Licensed. There are three different courses you can do, including the security guard course, doorman supervisor course and CCTV operator course.


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