Security vacancies in Kent

Security vacancies in Kent may sound like a very specific job suited to a very specific person, this simply isn't the case. Anyone can get involved in security if they are willing to learn a little. Previous experience is no a necessity in this case so let's take a look at what's out there.

Whenever work is hard to come by it is always best to fill your time learning a new skill. Instead of watching each day go by why not take on some SIA training? Once you have completed this course you can basically take on any security job.

During the SIA course (http://www.trainingforsecurity.co.uk) you will learn all the necessary skills to preform your duties as a security guard to the highest degree. They cover conflict management, vehicle immobilisation and alarm response to name a few. If it's door security you are looking into you can complete the course from start to finish in five days. Once you have this certificate you can basically work any door in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Once you have your SIA you should check out the Kent Security (http://www.kentsecurity.com) website place yourself in a recruitment plan based around the skill set you have developed. You will now be informed of any positions that are suited to you. This is a great way to break into a new field of work and it only takes a few days to get up to speed.

With the Kent Security website you can end up working in any of the following sectors:Residential, commercial, educational, governmental, financial industry, industrial and special events. You can really branch out into just about any field.

There is lots of great opportunities available in security. With a general minimum salary of 20k+ in the UK and the possibility of making a lot more, security vacancies in Kent are definitely worth considering. Check out what's available and see if a move to security can benefit you.

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