We look for the best security trades general services jobs in Down

With the economy still feeling the effects of the global recession, the security industry is becoming and more and more attractive sector for people searching desperately for work. For those of you based in Northern Ireland there are a huge number of security trades general services jobs in Down on offer right now, assuming you've got the correct credentials to qualify for a position.

Unlike most industries where anyone can apply for work, in order to work in the security industry in the United Kingdom you'll almost certainly need to get yourself an SIA (Security Industry Authority) license in order to be considered for most positions.

The SIA is the government body responsible for regulating the security industry in Britain and ensuring that only the most suitable of individuals are able to find employment in this most sensitive of sectors. In order to be considered for many security jobs, including most front line ones, you'll need to have the relevant SIA license to show to your prospective employers. For information on how to apply for your SIA license, as well as more on what's involved and who is eligible, you can check out the website at sia.homeoffice.gov.uk.

Once you have your SIA license sorted out, you'll find that a whole world of prospective employment has opened up to you. With so many security companies now in operation in Northern Ireland, including some of the biggest in the world such as Group 4 Securicor, you'll find that you're spoilt for choice.

There are many jobs within the security industry including front line security, patrol security, CCTV installation, maintenance and monitoring, online security, network security, dispatch control and many more. You'll never find yourself stagnating either, since the vast majority of security companies offer great up skilling and on the job training opportunities for their employees in order to continually upgrade their work force.

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